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The Real Cost -  Documentary Trailer.mp4
What The Rain Feels Like
Voices of Maria - Documentary Trailer
COVID 19 - The Fight Isn't Over
Captain Manicorn - Season 2 Trailer

The Real Cost

The Real Cost tries to shine a light on the student debt crisis that has millions of Americans in financial struggle.

Directed by Sam Menendez

What the Rain Feels Like

In May of 2020, the Navajo Nation had the highest COVID-19 infection rate in the United States. With Love, From Strangers was founded as a result of the pandemic to connect strangers and inspire the sharing of resources with those in need.

Directed by Dane Christensen

Voices of Maria

Hurricane Maria left 3.4 million American citizens in what came to be the longest power blackout in American history. This film is a deep look into
the lives forever changed by the storm.
Resilience and community work are Puerto Rico's best hope, the struggles of a forgotten state.

Directed by Sam Menendez


To big and small business owners, employees, freelancers and healthcare workers, we're all in this together. We spoke to health care professionals from the front lines to hear their perspective on the pandemic.

Captain Manicorn

Two brave Americans giving an inside look as they pursue a never-before-attempted world record of flying a parachute in every contry of the world. Together, they must push past their limits to fulfill a dream where one wrong decision could cost them their lives.

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